The future of money

A sharing session by Andreas Antonopoulos* in Berlin on 29th March 2016, Thoughts On The Future of Money.

If you got time, the whole presentation till 20:21 minutes is worth it. The rest is Q&A session.

If you want to get the whole picture of why the Bitcoin movement, the info shared from 17:20 – 20:21 is good enough, to save you some time.

As an engaging public speaker, teacher, and writer, Andreas make complex subjects accessible and easy to understand. In this video sharing below, Andreas uses the analogy of Lego and fast food burger to illustrate the Blockchain technology as compared to our current banking system.

Andreas Antonopoulos: On the Future of Money – Berlin 29 March 2016

Some notes:

It is a platform that guarantees certain trust functions. If you happen to have a platform that guarantees certain trust functions, one very useful application for that is to build a currency, and a payment network. But you can build more things.

It’s a perspective of how you look at things because from an abstract perspective, Lego is messy.

Cooking is a perfect combination of art and science.

The point is unleashing creativity by giving me the tools and the elements I need to build something unique.

This is a set of ingredients (Blockchain technology) and you have one recipe (which is Bitcoin) but you can make a different recipe.

Hashlock time contract + multiple payment channels connected together = Lightning Network

We are trying to unleash the creativity of an entire generation.

We are building a system on top of which, a thousand applications that require trust can be built.

When you have the ingredients, when you have these basic elements, what recipe you build is entirely up to you.

We subject ourselves to this mechanism that has streamlined itself. They have built a system that can only do one thing, enslave us, impoverish us.

That system removes freedom in the most possible to deliver profit.

* As a bitcoin entrepreneur, Andreas has founded a number of bitcoin businesses and launched several community open-source projects. He is a widely published author of articles and blog posts on bitcoin and is a frequent speaker at technology and security conferences worldwide.