Towards A Moneyless Society

It’s All About Resource Allocations

If you were to ask me what’s the biggest picture I see in this blockchain and the advancement of the whole tech things, I would say resource allocation is at the very core of it. Of course, this is merely from my personal point of view.

There had never been a problem with the resources, the problems lie within the distribution.

It’s all about trust. To trust a small group of elite in the fiat money system or a network of computing nodes in the cryptocurrency world.

It’s the evolution of money, for now.

As a matter of caution, unscrupulous things happen everywhere. Equipped with the right knowledge and enough amount of due diligence before you dive into anything.

We shall be heading towards a world where resource allocation will become more efficient, open and fairer. Newer and more advanced technology which none of us could have ever think of at this moment may come along the way.

While a decade from now we’ll call this the blockchain boom, it could be just one of the complementing piece of puzzle besides IoT (Internet of Things), Big Data, AI (Artificial Intelligence) etc, as we evolve to a better world.

What Can We Do With Blockchain?

Blockchain promises a world without middlemen, with characteristics such as its openness, immutability, cross-border, high resistance to censorship, coercion and geopolitical manipulation.

Forget about the glamorous blockchain world we tend to see in the media, it is just part of the evolution towards the ultimate goal.

Excerpt from the book Blockchain Insider, Chapter 3 – Smart Money.

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