3 Must Watch Videos To Better Understand Blockchain

Bitcoin is definitely not just something for people to speculate and to make money through its volatile price movement. There is more to this crypto currency. We had gone through quite some video info and we think the 3 videos that we are going to share in this post are among the best for anyone to get a full picture on cryptocurrency, bitcoin, the blockchain, and the possible future where these technologies can bring us into.

We need to know the philosophy of Bitcoin, categories of money and how we get into the current financial mess. The blockchain is the main thing not to be missed. It is the web, all over again.

In order to understand Blockchain, we should to take a look into Bitcoin, which is one of the most successful Blockchain application at the time of writing.

Bitcoin: Where the Laws of Mathematics Prevail

In this talk, Andreas speaks about Bitcoin as a system of commerce that is the culmination of decades of research into cryptography and digital currencies, and how it achieves digital scarcity through proof-of-work and decentralized consensus. He argues that Bitcoin is powerful because it is where the laws of mathematics prevail to deliver robust security, financial autonomy, and censorship resistance.

Blockchain 101 – A Visual Demo

The explanation about what is blockchain might be a bit technical in this embedded video. However, you should be able to understand at least something from it. We consider the explanation in the video below is pretty much on the intermediate level. A little bit of programming background might help.

This is a very basic visual introduction to the concepts behind a Blockchain. Published by Anders Brownworth on Nov 5, 2016.

As you can see, the idea of an immutable ledger was introduced using an interactive web demo. If you are interested in playing with this on your own, it is available online at: http://anders.com/blockchain

The Power of the Blockchain

Once you went through above video with some basics on the technical aspect, you may want to check out this video by Siraj Raval which was published on Jun 9, 2017.

Use case #1: Giving datasets and models a reputation
Use case #2: Peer to peer Model training
Use case #3: AI-run Companies!

This video also goes through a little bit of demonstration by building a Blockchain in Python.

In summary, we barely have begun to explore what happens when we use the blockchain as a way to improve our AI:

– Help verify data + model quanlity
– P2P exchanges
– Entirely new business models
– AI based companies, create independent organizations run entirely by AI

Enjoy the video!