19 Industries The Blockchain Will Disrupt

All in all, Blockchain will disrupt industries that require a check and balance procedure. It could also do away anything that requires the middlemen.

To illustrate what kind of disruptive innovation we are talking about when it comes to Blockchain Technology:

The blockchain will do to banking what the internet did to media.

And perhaps the most exciting thing blockchain can do at the moment would be ICO, something similar to conventional IPO yet bypassed all the procedure of conventional financial and banking system.

The future is uncertain but promising.

Though it’s kinda A-List content, it’s worth a view if you willing to spend some 9 minutes+ of your time to know further about Blockchain.

19 Industries The Blockchain Will Disrupt

The blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that underlies cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. It provides a way to record and transfer data that is transparent, safe, auditable, and resistant to outages. The blockchain has the ability to make the organizations that use it transparent, democratic, decentralized, efficient, and secure. It’s a technology that holds a lot of promise for the future, and it is already disrupting many industries.

1. Banking & Payments
2. Cyber Security
3. Supply Chain Management
4. Forecasting
5. Networking & IoT
6. Insurance
7. Private Transport & Ride Sharing
8. Online Data Storage
9. Charity
10. Voting
11. Government
12. Public Benefits
13. Healthcare
14. Energy Management
15. Online Music
16. Retail
17. Real Estates
18. Crowdfunding
19. YOUR Industry